Learn more about Hip Thruster Pads.

The hip thrusts exercise has become one of the most popular exercises in the gym and at home in recent years, it targets your glutes and posterior chain like very few other exercises can and will increase your power when it comes to your main lifts. As wonderful as hip thrusters are, the bar can cause some serious bruising and discomfort right below your private parts from that bar digging in.

You don’t have a muscle to build up to protect and pad your hip bones, the perfect solution; a Fit N Funky Hip Thruster Pad. The Fit N Funky Hip Thruster Pad is the most efficient way to stabilize the bar, protect your hips and push more weight. The simple and sleek lightweight design will protect your crotch and bones whilst helping you lift more, safely. 

The Fit N Funky Hip Thruster Pad can double up as a Neck Pad to alleviate neck pain from heavy squats. The contoured design allows for the pad to sit snuggly on your neck, and with the dense durable materials, it does not compress easily. The aesthetically pleasing matte black finish is also non slip, for when you work up a sweat. The easy to clean wipe down surface can be cleaned with a disinfectant cloth or sanitizing spray. Why would you want to use a sweaty used gym barbell without one? 

5 Reasons why you should use a Fit N Funky Hip Thruster Pad.


To ensure you get the gains as you exercise, comfort is a must. The Fit N Funky Hip Thruster Pad provides this for you, without you having any direct contact with the bar and your body. This ultimately reduces the pressure that can cause bruising and prolonged aches in your pelvic region. 


Not only are Fit N Funky Hip Thruster Pads comfortable they also provide fantastic support. The pad helps support the bar and prevents it from slipping and causing damage to the user. The added support provided by the pad assists with achieving more repetitions whilst being more efficient and safer.


Your form and technique are vital when performing any type of exercise. Alteration in the equipment or body placement can render the entire exercise movement completely useless, highlighting the importance of correct technique. Using a good quality barbell pad can help you comfortably find your balance and perform each movement in form.


When lifting heavier weights, it’s generally normal for bruising to occur. In severe cases lifting heavy weights can also cause injury if the incorrect form, technique and equipment are used. Hip thruster pads are shock absorbing and protect the user from any risk of bruising or injury when used correctly.


Fit N Funky Hip Thruster Pads are both lightweight and durable and are manufactured with a ‘one size fits all’ specification. They are convenient, durable and very lightweight which makes it super easy for you to use it anywhere without any inconvenience.