Learn about fabric booty bands.

Fit N Funky fabric booty bands are generally sold separately or in sets of 3 resistance weights. Fabric booty bands have fewer options of resistance compared to the common latex resistance bands, in most cases there are 3 weights; Light, Medium and Heavy. Typically, fabric booty bands do not stretch as wide as latex resistance bands. Fabric booty bands are primarily used for exercises such as hip thrusts, crab walk, leg extensions and squats.

Fabric booty bands are more popular when it comes to comfort, they are non-slip, non-roll and come in some eye-catching colours. They are super convenient to carry, and you can simply throw them in the wash after your sweat session. Fabric booty bands are also the eco-friendly option!

What are the 3 weight resistances of Fabric Booty Bands? 

Fit N Funky offer 3 resistances when it comes to Fabric Booty bands. You can purchase these fabric booty bands as a Set of 3 or individually. Each fabric booty band has a raised label to assist in ease of identifying the resistance strength during your training session. The 3 sizes and resistances of the bands are: 

  • Lightweight Booty Band: 6-12kg (15-25lbs), 74cm long and 8cm wide.
  • Medium weight Booty Band: 12-18kg (25-40lbs), 74cm long and 8cm wide.
  • Heavyweight Booty Band: 18-27kg (40-60lbs), 74cm long and 8cm wide.

All Fit N Funky Booty bands are made of 40% Cotton and 60% Latex and come with a fashion black mesh carry bag. The booty band sets are available in 2 variations of colour: Pink Booty Band Set (Light Pink, Medium Pink and Dark Pink) and Monochrome Booty Band Set (Off White, Grey and Black)

What are the best exercises for Fabric Booty Bands? 

Fit N Funky Fire Hydrant

How to: Start on all fours, on a gym mat or comfortable surface area. Make sure your thighs and arms are vertical with your shins placed on the floor. Loop your Fit N funky Fabric resistance band across both thighs, just above knee level. Tighten your core and slightly arch you back. Starting with your left leg, swing it outward slowly and controlled away from your body, and then back into the start position. Remember to keep your core tight and controlled, there should be no jerky like movements. Repeat until you have finished your set, swap legs and repeat until exhaustion. 

Fit N Funky Ankle Jumping Jacks

How to: Start in a standing upright position place the fabric booty band above your ankles to start. Ensure both feet are together with toes facing forward. Next you’re going to jump squat as you would a normal jumping jack, as you jump move your legs apart, so your feet are widely spaced, and your toes have now moved to an outward 45-degree angle. Jumping again bring your feet back to the start position before you land. Ensure your core is engaged at all times for optimum balance. This is one repetition, complete your set, rest and repeat.